Releasing your creativity leaves you vulnerable…

It is a window into what’s inside you…

It reveals how you hear God…

It opens you up to the criticism of those who don’t take the risk of being transparent…

And, one of the most frustrating vulnerabilities is when people STEAL from your creativity.

Yes, people can be inspired in a way to spark their own creativity, but I’m not talking about them.

I’m talking about those, some of whom are your peers, that will..

…read, watch, observe, listen, feel, groove…

…have their imagination, passion, curiosity, love, and FAITH defibrillated by your…

…words, music, voice, art, innovativeness, culinary skills…your creativity…

…but rather than quote, credit, or acknowledge that God used YOU to release it…

…they will repurpose or blatantly ‘carbon copy’ it as their own. (Yep, that was a purposely long run-on sentence and overworked ellipsis).

Some preachers who quote the great theologians, or famous preachers, speakers or authors feel free to use your creativity as their own.

Some writers and bloggers who are careful to cite other sources will feel it’s okay to assume ownership of what they read from your pen or keyboard.

Some musicians will use just enough of bars to make it their own.

Some artists will hope your obscurity remains obscure.

Some chefs put their name on your culinary genius.

Some inventors will tweak and turn your innovation into theirs. (Think about Apple and Android).

The truth is that one of the greatest forms of flattery is when someone steals from your creativity.

If God uses you to release something, His concern is that it’s released. There were countless people in the bible and beyond who were responsible for the word of God we all rely on today.

Think of the countless tunes that stick in your head and you don’t know who composed them.

Now think about this. Without researching it, do you know the name of the person responsible for putting chapters and verses in the bible?

And, it’s true that we can think something is original to us and someone else we know released the same creativity. Personally, I rely on someone else’s creativity and free images for every blog post (not this one though.)

Remember that you’re an expert at being you. The fingerprint of your voice and personality will be consistent in everything you do.

And really, all of us who share our gifts with the world without giving God the credit and glory is guilty of spiritual plagiarism because anything GOOD will originate from Him.

When I’m honest with myself, my creativity isn’t mine, it’s God’s…and there’s nothing new under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 (NKJV)

That which has been is what will be,
That which is done is what will be done,
And there is nothing new under the sun.



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