Doors…They provide access. They allow us to enter one environment while at the same time exit another. When closed, they keep things in and keep things out. We all want God to open doors for us to better things. We may even pray for God to open doors for us. Doors lead to the things we desire…

One day a man had to hurry in the bank before he picked up his daughter from school. He didn’t go to the bank his normal bank location because he decided to stop at the one closest to his daughter’s school. At 2:45 as he pulled up and read the sign on the door that said, “Open 8:30 – 5:00”. He pulled to open the door, and it was locked. He pulled again, and again. As he looked through the glass and through the lobby he could see the tellers behind the counter and became angry. “What are they doing?” “Bankers make me sick!” “They know it’s just 2:45!”  “They see me out here!” Furious, he now shook the door violently. “Let me in you lazy…!” Suddenly, he saw someone come to the door and he began lecturing the employee as he rushed into the building when he noticed the employee locking the door back and felt someone aggressively grab his arm. The bank was being robbed!!! His daughter stood waiting for an hour before her horrified mother picked her up as they waited and hoped for hostages to be released.

We need to remember that some doors God has closed for a reason. 

Some things you have your heart to do, some places you have your heart set to go, some people you have your heart set on, some jobs you have your heart set on, some loans you hope to get, even some things you sincerely want to do for God…are not meant for you.

Some things we want aren’t His will for us. 1 Chronicles 22:7, David states that it is in his heart to build a house for God, but that wasn’t God’s will for David. Acts 16:6, the Holy Spirit prevents Paul and his companions from going to Asia.

Sometimes people denying you access, ignoring your resume, ignoring your text messages is God keeping you from something that’s not for you. Sometimes people ignoring your gifts or choosing someone not as gifted is God’s way of getting you to move on to where you are meant to be.

We need to be very careful when we find ourselves trying to unlock and force our way into doors that God may have shut for a reason.



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  1. Well said: “We need to be very careful when we find ourselves trying to unlock and force our way into doors that God may have shut for a reason.”

    I need to consider that more. Jesus knows what he is doing and I clearly don’t.


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  2. Good post as always. I heard something on my podcast preaching today about how how we need to be careful about letting circumstances guide us in God’s will, as that might be unreliable. Philop Decoursey, and he was preaching on Jonah and how when he got to Joffa, there just happened to be a boat going to Tarshish where he wanted to flee too. He said Johah may have construed that as God opening a door, but it was clearly not, since God had told him what to do. His point as he said was, “Sometimes if we want to run from God, the devil will provide the transportation.”

    That really had nothing to do with closed doors, but seemed to fit somewhat. Thanks for the space, brother.

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  3. G’day Aldtric I really found this post helpful. Thanks for sharing. Loved the bank illustration you used a the beginning, we can be pretty stupid at times a. This is why it is so important to be hearing from god instead of always talking right?

    You used the example from Acts 16:6, I also want to chuck in Acts 21:12-14. Perfect example of someone forcing there way through doors that God closes for a reason. Sometimes we will get clear warning but we think we know best lol. Silly.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts dude.

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