Is this you?

For whatever reason things have become very difficult for you.

It could be in your family…

In your career…

In your ministry.

Has an area that was once very successful, very lucrative, very easy has dried up?

Is your best not good enough?

Does no one seem to understand you?

Will no one let you inside your circle?

Do you receive resistance for the good you do?

You don’t get acknowledged, while others are being celebrated.

Well, when your best isn’t good enough, that’s their problem not yours.

When no one understands you or your vision…Good. That’s why God entrusted it to you.

If no one will let you inside their circle, then maybe God is trying to build His own circle around you.

Remember that demons got restless whenever Jesus came around.

If you aren’t being celebrated, not only did Jesus not receive any ‘awards’…He was killed by His own.

He’s not dead, and the same power that raised Him from the dead is available to you.

Jesus entire earthly ministry was filled with conflict.

So, here’s your good news…

If you are at an uncomfortable place in your life…

Anything great is birthed from CONFLICT and not COMFORT.

Remember in 1 Kings Chapter 17 how the prophet Elisha was being sustained by God at the Brook of Cherith? The brook provided his water and God commanded that the ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and evening. But, the brook dried up…

Why? Because God had to move Elisha from his place of comfort to his next assignment. Had God not allowed what was sustaining Elisha dry up. He made it uncomfortable.

In Acts Chapter 9 The Apostle Paul was going about his business when Jesus knocked him down on the road to Damascus and suddenly, he went from destroying the church to building it up.

If you have conflict in your life, maybe God has you in a place of transition.

Maybe He’s trying to birth something great from your life.



Add yours

  1. Such wonderful truths and such difficult words as well. Some of us have been stuck in that transition in now for over 19 years. Alas, we are to go by God’s clock and not our own. The rules of success are different for God rather than those by men. Trust becomes a word closely associated by faith that God monitors and controls our fate ever day. Thank you for your post.

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  2. Amen!! Always love reading your posts.
    Loved seeing these words this morning, ” when your best isn’t good enough, that’s their problem not yours.”
    I can’t even count how many times I have been there.

    “When no one understands you or your vision…Good. That’s why God entrusted it to you.”
    This is a great attitude. If only we all remembered that in the moment. We always look for accolades here on Earth and when we don’t get it we are disappointed. We aren’t here to please man, when we get to heaven God will give us reward for our job well done. That makes it worthwhile.

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