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It’s amazing how a person can be born, educate his or her mind that not only God gave them, but God ‘activated’ and conclude there is no God.

Science explains the physical world…

Faith explains the spiritual world…

Even the greatest scientific mind that tries to deny the existence of God can not explain his/her own consciousness…

State of being…

His or her own essence of life.

Oh, he or she can explain what it is…but not how it is.

Yes they can explain that we have billions of neurons, but not how the brain makes us aware.


Because God makes the brain make us aware.

When He decides it’s time for it to stop working, there’s nothing science or medicine can do to make it alive again.

Notice that the chronology in Genesis is the same as science explains.

First, nothing…

Then water…

Then the creatures in the…

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God bless you! I'm a husband, father and ordained Minister since 1996. I serve as an Associate Minister at Oak Spring Church Arlington TN, a suburb of Memphis. I'm a professional Copywriter for a Fortune 500 company, published Gospel songwriter and owner of an independent label, Al-Go-Rhythm Music. My main spiritual gift is Exhortation...I'm a natural encourager. I love the word of God and sharing it from a "Wow, I never thought of it like that before" perspective. There's so much fresh revelation in God's word that is just as relevant today as it was as it unfolded. I hope my daily devotionals enhance your walk with God, taking you beyond BLESSED to BLESSTIFIED.

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