Have you taken a close look at your circles?

You know…

The people who are closest to you. The people who you enjoy being around most, and who most enjoy being around you.

Our circles really say quite a bit about who we are.

It’s interesting to see YOUR place in YOUR circles. All circles have those who have the greatest influence…they are the leaders. And, some have those who are either followers, or just glad to be in a group of people like them.

I think that people can be defined by three types of circles. Circles with people who are:






These people have one basic thing in common. They are all making it. They are all getting by, but they are all JUST getting by. They are doing what it takes to survive, and there’s not much more time or money to do anything else. Some are content with this and some aren’t, but they are all just surviving. Within, the group of ‘survivors’ there are still some who are ‘surviving’ better than the others in the group. If this is you, where do you fall in place with your group of survivors?


This group also one thing in common…they are all doing extraordinarily well. They are living in ‘overflow’ of everything they need and the freedom, ability and access to what they want. But, much like the NBA team with players who are superstars, while others are multi-million dollar superstars…they are all in the same prosperous circle, but some are prospering much better than others. If this is you, where do you fall in your thriving circle?


This circle’s common denominator is struggle. Not only is surviving a struggle for those in this circle, but it seems that everyone seems to be losing ground. They aren’t necessarily lazy, but some may be. They may work hard. They may even be wise, but have unfortunate circumstances. Even in this group, some are losing ground faster than others. And, within this circle are leaders and those who have greater influence. It this is you, where are you in your circle?

What ever your circle may be, you can still be a light for God…you can still be a positive influence. Because the truth is that these circles will always exist…

And, God needs to be found in all of them.

Remember this…

1 Corinthians 15:33 (NIV)

33 Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”

So, no matter what your circle, make sure that you aren’t just the GOOD influence, make sure you’re the GOD influence.



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