I remember during my years in school as a student the occasional teacher who would give an assignment during winter or spring break. I also remember the same as a parent when my children were in students.

I hated it then for myself and my children, and I hate it now.

Now, after years in corporate America, I’m now an educator, and I refuse to assign work to students over breaks. My wife is also a high-performing, veteran educator.

We work in an amazing district and have administrators that actively look for opportunities to lighten teachers’ workloads in a macro-culture of unrealistic expectations, responsibilities and legal liability…many teachers are overworked and overwhelmed.

All breaks are earned and well-deserved. And, a BREAK should be a real BREAK. It should be a time when one doesn’t have to do or think about work… a time of refreshing.

That being said, as an educator, I feel it’s hypocritical for any educator or administrator to expect children to do work or think about school over their breaks as well….it should a time of refreshing and being a kid.

Even God gets extremely angry when we refuse to appreciate and enjoy His weekly day of rest: NOTICE HOW MUCH IT PISSES GOD OFF WHEN WE REFUSE TO REST…

Of course there’s research that supports assigning work during breaks, but there’s research and data to support any agenda…that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right thing to do.

One must honestly ask oneself is it about what’s truly most beneficial to the child’s mental well-being or about an educator’s education ego?

Work life balance isn’t only important for adults, but for children too.




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  1. As a retired teacher, I can see this argument go either way…more of a matter of personal choice, I think. Comparing a student to a teacher in terms of a hypocrite would be similar in comparing a kid to an adult. All of us can argue that learning doesn’t stop over the holidays. Regardless, I fail to see this as a moral issue, but one where school permeates our lives even when we try to get away. Great discussion here.

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  2. Homework yes, however it should a choice I believe. For high school students, doing a packet or a project to raise a grade may be just what is needed.

    For elementary students the 10-14 day break is a long break for some children that are already struggling. I believe that a winter fun review packet. The packet could include mazes, fun stories, review math with decoded messages with correct answers. These packets are vital especially to those students that may need the extra help.

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