Should there be consequence for when reasonable expectations aren’t met on the job? Yes, of course!

But, in our current culture it’s become all to common for a boss to ‘chew out’ and employee who isn’t meeting those expectations…who makes a mistake…who needs correction.

No matter where someone sits on the hierarchy of organizational structure, the fact is that workers are all just people doing a job to take care of their families or themselves…to make a living.

It’s true some jobs are much more impactful on society if someone messes up, for example if someone is setting up an operating room for emergency surgery, but the fact still remains that all workers are equal citizens doing a job.

But think about this. Outside the workplace, your boss is just another person. He or she is someone else’s wife, husband, son, daughter, father, mother…just a person. They have absolutely NO authority over your life outside of your commitment to the company or organization.

Because we are all just equal citizens trying to make a living, no one has the right to overly assertively reprimand another adult at work. Offices, factories, schools and churches are not the military.

No one has the right to belittle you… insult you… embarrass you… or even threaten you because they think that’s leadership. This usually happens when the correction is affected by emotions.

Every organization has consequences in place for when expectations aren’t met.

Verbally warn me with respect!

Write me up!

Demote me!

Fire me!

But no one has the right to belittle, insult, embarrass, threaten or treat another adult like a child, even if they have organizational authority over them.

Real leadership isn’t achieved through fear, intimidation, or adult bullying.

When a person is hired, make sure that the progression of consequences are clear, and proceed through them with respect.

No one wants to be disrespected, not even when they mess up.

Matthew 7:12 (NKJV)

12 Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

What do you think?



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