We live in a society when some people say, “We the people” as if those who don’t agree as they do are NOT ‘the people’.

One such ‘American’ characteristic is the love of dogs.

I don’t HATE dogs, but I’m definitely not a dog enthusiast.

My wife loves dogs, and we have a family dog… Sasha.

Dog lovers think that things such as when they destroy shoes or chew things up is cute…it annoys people who aren’t ‘dog lovers’.

Dog lovers love feeding dogs and giving them baths…people who don’t love dogs not so much.

Many dog lovers think it’s cute when their dog wants to sniff and play with you while on an evening walk…people who aren’t dog lovers want to just ‘keep it moving’.

And yes, there is biblical evidence of beloved family pets, as in the Prophet Nathan’s story he used to illustrate King David’s sin to him in 2 Samuel Chapter 4.

So, to those of you who sometimes may be made felt that there’s something wrong or unAmerican about you because you aren’t an avid dog lover…it’s okay.

And for those of you who do love dogs, please don’t project your passion on everyone else. Because there’s always something that someone else is passionate about that you could care less.

Remember, some people don’t like hot dogs and apple pie either ( I dig those though).

By the way, Sasha is a sweet dog and is just like part of the family. I just don’t give her baths:-)



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