I feel that America is the greatest country on earth, however our country is not beyond reproach. Everyone DOES NOT experience and HAS NOT experienced ‘America’ the same.

God presents the history of His relationship with Israel and all of humanity by telling the ‘good’, ‘bad’, and ‘ugly’ of that relationship.

His story includes numerous rebukes of His chosen people followed by calls to repentance.

Throughout the bible, God continued to demand that Israel repent of the ‘sins of their fathers’ rather than justify, excuse or glorify them…

2 Chronicles 29:5-8 (NLT)

He said to them, “Listen to me, you Levites! Purify yourselves, and purify the Temple of the Lord, the God of your ancestors. Remove all the defiled things from the sanctuary. Our ancestors were unfaithful and did what was evil in the sight of the Lord our God. They abandoned the Lord and his dwelling place; they turned their backs on him. They also shut the doors to the Temple’s entry room, and they snuffed out the lamps. They stopped burning incense and presenting burnt offerings at the sanctuary of the God of Israel.

8 “That is why the Lord’s anger has fallen upon Judah and Jerusalem. He has made them an object of dread, horror, and ridicule, as you can see with your own eyes.

America’s story is filled with ‘good’, ‘bad’, and ‘ugly.

Acknowledging that fact is not unpatriotic or un-American , but it’s responsible with biblical support.

Because of America’s past and present there have been legacies, paradigms and cultures established that result in the fact that everyone hasn’t and doesn’t experience this great country the same.

Let me give you an analogous example:

I used to work for an great Fortune 300 company that has provided the means for an awesome standard of living for it‘s employees for decades.

Employees of this company at manager level and above (which I was) recieved an annual bonus based on performance. This company historically performed well when the economy was healthy, but performed even better when the economy wasn’t doing well. Because of this, the bonuses were always very good, often 5 and 6 figure bonuses based on each employee’s level in hierarchy.

Unfortunately, employees below manager level did (and do not) receive a bonus. These employees are on the front lines and have a huge influence on the company’s bottom line. They work just as hard and it can easily be argued that they deserve the bonus just as much, if not more.

So, the employees of this great company don’t experience the company the same.

The company is systemically set up so that some employees have a much ‘richer’ experience.

Does everyone where your work ‘experience’ the company the same?

It’s the same for our great country of America. All Americans don’t have the same ‘American’ experience.

There are many people who judge the patriotism and devotion of others based on how they feel others should respond to how to their ‘American’ experience.

Do you?

God bless America!



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