Because God loves gay people. God loves everyone.

Don’t get it twisted. This is not just a self-righteous, judgmental platitude…it’s biblical truth.

Why is God anti-gay?

Because God is anti-adultery, but not anti-adulterer.

He’s anti-fornication, but not anti-fornicator.

He’s anti-murder, but not anti-murderer

He’s anti-malice, but not anti-malicious.

He’s anti-hate, but not anti-hater.

He’s anti-lie, but not anti-liar.

He’s anti-foolishness, but not anti-fool.

He’s anti-pride, but not anti-proud person.

He’s anti-greed, but not anti-greedy person.

I think you get the picture. God is anti-sin, but He is not anti-sinner. Even though there are those trying to now establish that homosexuality is not a sin. It still is. Even though many people are trying to say that that’s not what Sodom and Gomorrah was about. It still was (Genesis 19). Even though many people are trying to say that Jesus never addressed homosexuality, He still did (Matthew 19:4-6) FOR THOSE WHO SAY JESUS NEVER ADDRESSED HOMOSEXUALITY…. And even though people are refuting what Paul said about it, it’s still truth (Romans 1:24-27).

But, it’s also true that there are multiple other sins that are equally as wrong as homosexuality (Romans 1:28-32, 2:1-3). GOD HATES MORE THAN HOMOSEXUALITY & ABORTION (DON’T CHERRY PICK SINS)…

Calling out homosexuality, as well as any other sins, is not hate…it’s our responsibility (Ezekiel 33:1-11, Romans 6:23). But, we must always remember…

To do so in love (1 Corinthians 16:14).

To remember that we are all sinners saved by grace (Ephesians 2:8).

We are all born with innate desires that we must overcome with the help of God’s Holy Spirit (Psalm 51:5). JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE’S ‘BORN THAT WAY’ DOESN’T MAKE IT OKAY…

So no matter what your sin may be, God still loves you!

God is anti-sin, but He is never anti-you!

1 Peter 3:9 (NKJV)

9 not returning evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary blessing, knowing that you were called to this, that you may inherit a blessing.




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  1. You forgot one item, God turned those who lusted after flesh because they chose this act of sin to a reprobate mind.
    Last I checked reprobate means final judgment. Their personal act to choose this life style is what condems them.
    God gives them a chose. The other thought I read is God cannot have one iota of sin in His presence. The last time I checked, sin is an actual decision on the part of the one committing the sin. I believe by turning this lifestyle over to a reprobate mind it is the sinner who convicts themselves. The other point many using compassion to bring God down to their level; there must be a definitive change accompanied by confession with repentance before God grants forgiveness. At least that is what I was taught.

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    1. I like what your saying, think about Pharaoh, God raised him up just to show how powerful God is ( to the Jews/world) by over turning Pharaoh nation. sin destroys many, many people, when i read when men/women are given over to reprobate mind, what a lonely place, and it causes me to make sure my calling and election is sure, God Bless, Dave

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  2. Hi Friend, sin corrupts…sexual ones, we sin against our own bodies, God loves the world so much, that Jesus died for all, including me before He called me out of darkness…Praise the Lord for his Matchless gift of salvation…wow, what a savior, good word friend, God Bless, Dave

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