Slaves were poorly ‘compensated’ with scraps to eat and horrible living conditions.

They were powerless to make decisions for themselves.

They were not allowed to speak up and offer their opinion.

They were unable to express how they felt without fear of retaliation.

They had no freedom of speech.

They were adults who were treated like children.

They were trapped into to a toxic culture of oppression because the system accepted it.

But be honest with yourself.

Many people today because of their financial obligations, lifestyle, lack of options, and decisions have trapped themselves in an oppressive job, industry or career

It may be business…

It may be education…

It may be private sector…

It may be manufacturing…

It may be ___________________.

Yes, you may even be paid very well. That’s why you ‘take it’…

You feel powerless to make decisions for yourself.

You may not be able to speak up and offer your opinion.

You and your coworkers may feel unable to express how you feel without fear of retaliation.

You have forfeited your freedom of speech to keep your job.

You may feel like you and your coworkers are treated like children.

Because of your fear of losing your job, you’re trapped in a toxic culture of oppression because it’s become accepted.

Does this sound like you?

Are you a well-compensated slave?

Is your $alary really $hackles?

Proverbs 22:7 (NKJV)

7 The (A)rich rules over the poor,
And the borrower is servant to the lender.




Add yours

  1. I haven’t had a salary since 2000 and as a disabled, I am desperately poor. However, I am a free man and I don’t report to anyone. As for slavery, 4 white slaves were raided by Africans from Europe, for every black slave sent to America by their own chiefs. I cannot but help to think that the wrong people get blamed in America. And for every ten black slaves, nine arrived from Britain alone. Why is the history taught at school so factually incorrect and biased? And how about Muslims stealing ten million souls from Africa – and they are doing it to this day. With the help of greedy Africans that even sell their own sisters into slavery. Robert Nestor Marley’s song Buffalo Soldier got the lyrics wrong.

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