I love sharing what God places on my heart both in writing and in person. I and my wife, recording artist Mechelle Johnson, are available to come to you with our own brand of ministry.

If you read my blog, or have watched my videos, you are already familiar with my attempt at a God-inspired, fresh, ‘I never thought about it like that before perspective’. And, if you’ve heard my wife, you are familiar with her crisp, clear vocal style and versatility from her original GospelJazz music to your favorite love songs.

We would love to share at your service, marriage ministry, or event.

Contact us at for booking information.

Here’s a review from Gregory Williams, founder of the legendary group Switch:

“I first caught Aldtric and Mechelle Johnson when they posted the video clip of them paying homage to Switch by singing “There’ll Never Be” full blast, while driving in their car. I was impressed and honored so I made it a point to seek them out on FB and wound up making two new fun, talented friends. Soon thereafter, I discovered other recordings featuring Mechelle’s fantastic vocals and immediately fell in love with her abilities and sound. Sometime later, Aldtric turned me on to a video clip of Mechelle Johnson and Natural Elegance performing at the Hard Rock Cafe and these ladies’ singing “Knocked Me Right Off My Feet!” Lol. In my having hand-picked each member of Switch to share in my journey and judging talent my whole life, I’m very funny about what’s good and what’s not based on uniqueness of an individuals’ sound and expression so I don’t give a thumbs up lightly but hearing and seeing this video of these fine “sanging” ladies, I was/am impressed and literally blown away! I have to give Mechelle Johnson and Natural Elegance “two-thumbs-up” and a whole lot of applause. I knew it would be a pleasure, but it wound up being a real treat, and I’m impatiently waiting for more! Thanks for the treat ladies..”

Gregory Williams, Founder of Legendary R&B group, Switch

We look forward to hearing from you:-)


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