When were your good ol’ days…the best days of your life?

When were you happiest?

Is it now? I hope so.

If not, was it because of a particular place? a person? people? things? a time? Or a combination of these?

How did you know you were happiest then? I’ve heard many people say “those were the best days of our lives and we didn’t know it”. Have you ever thought that or said that?

Sometimes they people say they were actually happier at a time when they had less. Why were they happier then?

Maybe it was their frame of mind.

You may not be able to relive or recapture the time but you can change your frame of mind today.

God tells us to be content in whatever state we are in.

In Philippians 4, the apostle Paul tells of how he had learned to be content in all situations.

The bible is full of verses on the power of contentment and a renewed mind. With contentment there is peace, with peace there is joy, and with joy there are good days.

God tells us Himself that he wants us to enjoy our days, that this is our gift from Him (Ecclesiastes 3:12-13) and that He plans better days for us ( Jeremiah 29:11).

But the key to our good days is our made up mind.

Psalm 118:24 should be our daily affirmation and declaration, “This is the day the Lord has made;”.

But, God is not going to force you to have a good day, the day is the gift from God, it’s up to you how you unwrap it.


11 thoughts on “THE GOOD OL’ DAYS…

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  1. I love your sweet childhood picture. And I really needed to read this post right now. I know I have said that about other posts you have written lately. How is it that you are always so timely? 😀

    “In Philippians 4, the apostle Paul tells of how he had learned to be content in all situations.” Yes, and Amen. I am learning this, too. In about 12 hours, I will check into the hospital for surgery. I don’t wanna do it…. but I am so very grateful that I can have this health issue taken care of.

    This is the best time in my life, for sure. Fifty was a great year for me, that’s the year I gave my heart fully to the Lord and then I met my best friend husband. And it keeps getting better and better. Even with the surgery. I wrote about it here:

    Today, I am BLESSTIFIED. Thanks be to the Lord Jesus!

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      1. God’s got me! Yaaaay!

        Last year, I had 2 medical procedures done under general anesthesia. As the second procedure was about to begin, the anesthesiologist told me, just as he was lowering the mask down on my face: “You stopped breathing during the last surgery. But don’t worry, I got you!”

        i found those words very unsettling, at that particular moment! But — “God’s got you!” –yaaay! I can get behind that!!!

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