You see the flyers, promotions and announcements all the time…Conferences, Conventions and Revivals.

Let me be clear that I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with them, but I have a question.

Have we had enough Revivals, Conferences and Conventions?

Are all of our evangelism efforts focused on preaching to people who are already saved?

When was the last time you witnessed to someone who was an unbeliver, or from another religion? Or, are we just encouraging one another?

If our CONFERENCES and CONVENTIONS aren’t leading to CONVERSIONS, are they just glorified parties or spiritual pep rallies?

Honestly, isn’t the word going forth with power every week be enough?

There’s not one Pastor that will tell you he is not being effective in His assignment.

If the word is going forth with power all year long…why do you need a revival?

If the word is going forth with power every week, aren’t we already, ‘equipped for the work of the ministry’?

Ephesians 4:11-12 (NKJV)

11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, 12 for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ,

There’s nothing wrong with Christians getting together for encouragement and even entertainment, but sometimes we must call it what it is.

The fact is that those of us who are diligent about attending church and studying our word…we are already equipped.

If you want to go to every spiritual PEP RALLY that’s fine…as long as you are actually GETTING IN THE GAME!

Come on Body of Christ…

It’s time to change the world!





Add yours

  1. Now there’s a word for today! I tell folks (and myself) there are two simple questions to discern how well you’re practicing the Great Commission: 1) Who is the last person you helped bring to Jesus Christ? 2) Who are you helping to bring to Jesus Christ now? If you find yourself going “Uhhhhhh” on these questions, you’ve gotten off mission. And yes, I sometimes find myself going, “Uhhhhhh”!

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  2. Amen! Preach it!

    I remember a few years back being in yet another church all desperately praying for a revival. Like, so who do we suppose is actually in charge of reviving people? Aren’t we already the ones tasked with raising the dead, sparking some life in dry bones? It was a bit comical because some faces kind of looked scared when I said it. To make matters worse, their pastor just so happened to be preaching that day on Rhoda,on the servant girl who finds Peter released from prison and trying desperately to get in the gate. The church of course is inside so busy praying for Peter, they can’t even hear him.

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  3. I’ve even questioned ANNUAL revivals? Like how can you say at this time every year we will need a revival? And who says a church will even need to be revived every year, if as you say the true Word is going forth every Sunday? A revival should happen when the people, the pastor, and of course the the Holy Spirit deem it necessary- not just because it’s an annual/yearly traditions.

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  4. I have so many thoughts on this but will try not to hijack this post. We have our “revival” at the end of the month, so it is on my mind, and not all positive; I have almost become cynical about it in fact, which is a bad place to be.

    First, I suggest that revival is not strictly speaking to see people saved’ it is, in fact for the saved, to energize them to go out into the world and evangelize. You asked if it should even be necessary. Absolutely not. If the word is preached, that should be a way of life for the church. Sadly, it is not. My pastor preaches his heart out three times a week, and little changes. A few get fired up and go out, but the majority simply come and listen. They may toss in a few “amens” if they feel called to extra strenuous service that week.

    So, again, we will have service 6 night in a row. Again, many will pray for “revival,” yet most are really praying that, that other guy get revived.

    We are doing something different this year though to try to get hearts pointed in the right direction. Three nights before, three families are each hosting a house meeting to have a short teaching and encouragement, then a prayer meeting. We will see how that goes.

    Ultimately, though the only person I can personally ensure that the Holy Spirit revives is me. I draw a circle around myself and revive every person in the circle. Then I find the next guy and help him along. Odd thing…preacher can preach all day about getting out and visiting our community and not a soul will go. On the other hand, I can usually personally go up to a person, ask them to go with me, and more times than not they will agree to. So, I revive me, I help the fellow next to me get revived, and on an on it goes.

    Final note. On good thing about the idea of the meetings is that during and after it is on peoples’ minds and is a good time to personally disciple. I think many would respond to the messages better if some of us bothered to teach them how.

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