We don’t PROVE Christ lives in us by:

How LOUD we are in worship…BUT how QUIET we are when we get bad service in a restaurant.

Not by how EXCITED we can get at church…BUT how CALM we remain when cut off in traffic  (ouch).

Not by how many scriptures we KNOW… BUT how many scriptures we LIVE.

Not by what we do when EVERYONE is looking…BUT what we do when NO ONE is looking.

Not by how many THINGS we’ve AQUIRED, BUT by how many HEARTS we’ve INSPIRED for God. 

WE are the greatest PROOF that God lives!

 Matthew 7:16 

You will know them by their fruits.



31 thoughts on “HOW WE PROVE THAT GOD LIVES…

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  1. Friday night at our young people’s meeting at church the topic was how to prove God. Some people said that they prove God by the things He performed in their lives. Others said that they prove Him by looking at nature. One person even said that she literally felt God touch her foot and heard Him whisper a psalms in her ears and blew in her face🤔. I am a little doubtful about the latter. However, no one said that they prove God by the way they live their personal life when no one is looking. This is something to think about. Blessings.

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      1. Everyone experience God differently but we have to be careful when we we want to prove Him by feeling or seeing His literal presence beside us. The devil likes to show up himself in this way. It is by faith that we know that God exists and not necessarily by the physical proof. I shared your post with my church group. Thank you.

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  2. Truth will free us but we love excitement rather than enlightenment. Truth tells and excitement excels. Think about our peacock mentality. Dressing up and feeling more of ourselves than we ought to. Esteem others more than self.
    Greg Blessed Brown

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