After Jesus finished teaching He noticed that the multitude was tired and hungry. Rather than send them away He told His disciples to give them something to eat. The disciples said they didn’t have enough resources to feed everyone, so Jesus took what a young boy already had and used it, while teaching the young boy a lesson about the power of sharing. Jesus didn’t ask who had jobs, who needed it, who was wasteful…He fed everyone. This was a very liberal act. I’m not saying it’s an over arching example of what the government should do in all cases, but t’s definitely an example of what our churches should do. It is an example of what would be defined of social liberalism.


After everyone had eaten, Jesus made a point to make the most of all the resources they had left. He told His disciples to pick up the fragments so that none would be wasted. Not to say that liberals are wasteful, but conservatives define themselves as to being fiscally conservative.
Most people today act as though you have to be either or…

If Jesus can be balanced can’t we?


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