So many times we read our bibles or hear a sermon and frown upon the way the Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, Jews, Romans…all those who antagonized Jesus behaved. Jesus came with a message that was different from what they were used to hearing, but was clearly supported by scripture. They witnessed Him working miracles and proving who He was, and they rejected Him. We read about how at the beginning of the week they shouted HOSSANNA , but at the end of the week they yelled CRUCIFY Him!  We think to ourselves, or proclaim that if we were living back then that we would have bee on Jesus’ side….

But, your attitude now implies how you would have behaved then. How you react to the word of truth now implies how you would have reacted then. I’m not talking about the false prosperity ‘preachers’ who come on at 2am promising riches without preaching a word about salvation. But I’m talking about when a real word comes forth that may challenge your personal theology. That’s what Jesus did. That’s what the apostles did. 

They confronted and corrected Jesus IN HIS HOUSE…many people would do the same thing today. 

They were concerned with the outward appearance but not the heart…many people are today.

They worshiped Him with their lips, but their hearts were far from Him…many people do that today.

They established their own righteous and a form of godliness, but not according to knowledge…many people do that today.

They twisted the word to fit their purpose…many people do today. 

Some were apathetic and just didn’t care…many are today. 

Remember it was the religious leaders were threatened by and killed Jesus. Let us examine ourselves and our attitudes about God. Would you have been like those disciples in John 6 who said…

John 6:60

60 Therefore many of His disciples, when they heard this, said, “This is a hard saying; who can understand it?”

...and then left Him.

Would you have been one of those shouting “CRUCIFY HIM!” when they discovered He didn’t fulfill their expectations? 

Your attitude today…How you respond today not only implies how you would have responded then, but which side you would have chosen. Beware the leaven ( teaching, mindset) of the Pharisees!!!(Matthew 16:6)


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  1. Not today would I say this, thanks be to God, but I have said it in the past with my attitude towards Him. It was right before I became a prodigal. He didn’t give me what I wanted-my whole family to know Him as their Savior and deliverance for my mother from her alcoholism and for us kids from her abuses. Praise be to our God for not forsaking me though He should have! God is so good to me!

    Have a blesstified day, Brother Aldtric! \o/

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  2. Great question! Every season of Lent during the reenactment, I sit in church and read along with the crowd when it is our turn to yell “crucify him!” And every time it feels so wrong and horrible to do so. But your post really got me thinking. I don’t think anyone wants to picture themselves being a part of that mob (though nowadays I fear that mob would be so much larger). I would like to think, especially given my stance on most issues nowadays, I don’t tend to mesh very well with the majority’s thinking, and I really hope I would have been the same back in that day. However, I know deep down, growing up there were certainly times where my gut reaction and instinct had been swayed by the thoughts and opinions of others. I’m ashamed to admit.
    Something to think about and be more aware of for sure. Thank you for a great reflection question!

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  3. I often wonder how I would’ve received Jesus when he came to the earth the first time. I think His timing was perfect = of course it’s God’s timing;. I might have been skeptical. I may have believed him right away. I don’t know for sure what I’d do – only that I am convinced he came. he lived a sinless life, he suffered and died and rose again to life – for you and me.

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  4. You are very right sir! We are privileged to have the word already on ground compared to the time of Christ. Am sure only 5% of our present world will shout Hosanna while the rest will scream crucify Him because they are so engrossed with the law of Moses, and Isaiah. Beautiful knowledgeable write up Sir!

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