wp-1479501771869.jpgThe enemy wants you to keep your head down. The enemy wants to keep you silent about the Lord.

The enemy wants you to sit down on your calling, anointing and purpose. He does this is by manipulating you to FOCUS ON YOUR MISTAKES, FAILURES AND FAULTS.

He wants you to feel unworthy to speak up or ‘live out loud’ for Christ. You may have made huge mistakes, financially, in relationships, morally, and of course spiritually…you know what mistakes haunt you.

Please notice that God continued to use David as a psalmist and king, EVEN AFTER he had a man killed to take his wife.

God was not SURPRISED when David sent Uriah to the hottest part of the battle to be killed…

God was not SURPRISED when David slept with Bathsheba…

Remember, God knew what David was going to do when He FIRST anointed Him years before.

God didn’t tell him that he couldn’t continue to serve as King (2 Samuel 12:1-13). In fact, some of David’s most powerful psalms came AFTER his greatest sin. God still kept His promises to David. Yes there were consequences for his sin, but he was still a man after God’s own heart, because HE REPENTED.

Our greatest challenge sometimes is walking with spiritual confidence, walking with our heads up, speaking in God’s authority when people KNOW HOW WE HAVE MESSED UP. God is raising us up to walk boldly for Him even in the midst of our humanity.

Paul spoke boldly even though he persecuted the church and consented to the death of Christians, such as Stephen (Acts 7:1-60, 8:-1).

Peter stood strong for Christ even though he openly denied Him at the darkest hour. (John 18:13-27).

So, if people tell you, “You can’t tell me anything based on what you’ve done!” You tell them, “God has given me grace and mercy, and allowed me to still be here to tell you DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES THAT I’VE MADE”.

So even if you’re working through the consequences of your mistakes, God expects you to keep your head up and speak boldly, in love for Him.

Sometimes it takes years to work through the process of restoration and recovery, but that doesn’t mean you are to be silent in the meantime.

Be encouraged! Keep your head up! Stand up, and Speak up for the Lord!


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