As gradual as it happens, it still can sometimes seem sudden. We slowly see ourselves moving into the roles of those who were older than us. As one generation moves on, another generation takes its place. We see ourselves begin to look like our parents or our grandparents, we may even remember when they were our age.

What’s important to us and our values begin to change… well at least they should.

I encourage everyone to value the blessing of getting older and to and embrace your new role in your family, in your church and in society.

Getting older is a blessing!

It should represent experience, wisdom and respect. Don’t let the way our Western culture’s glorification of youth, and lack of respect for getting older make you a person who doesn’t know how to embrace their age and role.

There are too many people in their twenties trying to be teenagers…

Too many thirty-somethings acting as if they’re college age…

Too many in their forties and fifties acting half their age…

And even senior citizens trying to show how ‘hip’ they are and that they ‘still got it’.

If you’re a parent…act like it.

If you’re a grandparent…act like it.

Be young at heart, but mature in mind…

Stay active, have fun, try to always look your best for your age, but make sure it’s appropriate for your age.

Ease into your next role in life with grace.

A gray head is a crown of glory; It is found in the way of righteousness


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