This is my precious granddaughter. I vacillate from sadness to anger when I think of the fact that people, even some people with whom I went to school and grew up, expect me to honor and respect a culture and heritage that would allow her to be…

Snatched from her bed and sold away to strangers.😥

Have her father, mother or me sold away from her never to be seen again…😡

Beaten for no reason, and I would be powerless to do anything about it…😢

Raped once she became of age or even before if her ‘master’ wished…😡

Talked to any type of way, while I had to stand and watch….😢

Daily be made to feel less than human.😡

So many people want to keep Confederate statues, monuments, and flags in prominent, public places that are supported by everyone’s tax dollars, including millions of people who equate those symbols to…

Nazi Swastikas…

Statues of German stormtroopers…

A statue of a Hitler…

A monument to Osama Bin Ladin…

A statue of Benedict Arnold…

A monument to King George III.

You get the picture. You don’t see any of those symbols for a reason.

If you want those monuments, statues, and flags on your shirt, car, truck, property…that’s your right.

If you want to teach your children your perspective of history…that’s your business.

But, it is absurd to expect me or any other Black person to continue seeing those reminders on public property because it’s ‘your heritage’.

The very fact that the South claimed to have been fighting against Northern aggression proves that if the were me, and I were them, they wouldn’t go for it either.

Even the word of God says…

Matthew 7:12 (NKJV)

12 Therefore, (A)whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for (B)this is the Law and the Prophets.

I must admit when I hear people whining about their sinful, unGodly heritage, and look at my granddaughter…I think, #!%* YOUR HERITAGE!

But, then the Holy Spirit reminds me to pray for them. He reminds me I must love them.❤️



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  1. Excuse me. Black Africans snatch other black African and sold them to those in Islam. They were the slave traders. Those slave traders sold kidnapped White folks from Europe, especially the Balkans throughout the Countries of the east and most of the black African kidnapped. Evil people bought slaves here in North America, the Caribbean and South America even at the founding of this federation of countries called the United States there were those against slavery. 75 years after the founding Abraham Lincoln Abolitionist Republican President and millions of other White, Christian, Republican Abolitionists fought a war for independence for others, the slaves. Nowhere else in history was there a war that freed slaves. In 1833 Wilberforce and others got a law to end the slave trade in British colonies. I’m very proud to be of norther European Decent. Very proud to be a US Citizen and if these monuments are so offensive, then why did Mr. Obama not call for their removal. What is going on here is exactly and completely what transpired in Germany in the 1930s. Control Healthcare, Disarm the Citizens and Obscure History.

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    1. There are no monuments of African slaves traders in America. PRESIDENT Obama had other priorities, one of which was to champion the homosexual agenda, which I was very vocal of my disapproval. My statement doesn’t negate the fact that abolitionist fought to free the slaves. I’m thankful to be a US citizen as well, not proud because God forbids pride, that’s part of the problem. I had great uncles who fought in WWII, two died, and those who returned cane home to 2nd class citizenship. Was America good for them. Yes. Was it great? No. My wife’s great grandfather was run out of Mississippi because of the culture established in the South. Quite frankly, anyone who can be concerned about healthcare control, or losing their weapons, but not social injustice confuses me. The fact is the Bible teaches us don’t put faith in our strength, army or weapons but in God, our Elohim, Yehovah Sabaoth ( The Lord of Hosts). Too many who claim to be Christian are putting their faith in the wrong weapon. Honestly, you defensive response to my post gives some insight into your attitude about this topic. My reasons to be offended at these symbols of an unGodly heritage are valid. No compassion or understanding from you… only defending and deflecting. It reminds me of when Yeshua said, Because of wickedness, the love of many will wax cold. Your response is cold. However, just as I said in my post, I pray in the name of Yeshua the Messiah that He softens your heart through peace and touches you with His love. The fact that we disagree doesn’t make you my enemy.

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