This article is primarily for those who call themselves to be disciples of Christ. God is sovereign. And His sovereignty is on His terms, not based on our terms and the narrative that we desire.

There are many who have judged within their hearts and others have vocalized or published that they don’t think George Floyd should be the face, or name for a movement. They feel he doesn’t deserve to be a martyr.

They feel this way because of his past, because of the mistakes he made and because of the life he lived.

I humbly submit to anyone who feels that way to consider this…


God changed Jacob’s name to Israel. But, most of you know what Jacob did. He lied to and deceived his father (with the help of his mother) to steal his brother’s blessing. (Genesis 27-29). God STILL CHOSE HIM to establish the blessing and heritage that He promised to Jacob’s grandfather Abraham. Does Jacob deserved to be honored? If that happened today, how do you think self righteous people would react?


God chose the 12 sons of Jacob (Israel) to be the foundation and patriarchs of His chosen people, despite their character…

They hated their younger brother so much that they conspired to kill him, but later decided to sell him as a slave and allow their father to go for years thinking he was dead. (Genesis 37)

Jacob’s fourth born son, Judah, thought he was sleeping with a prostitute but was actually sleeping with his daughter-in-law, who was tricking him so that she could have children by him. When he found out that she was pregnant, he wanted her killed until she presented his signet ring to prove he was the father. So, he solicited a prostitute and bore children with his daughter-in-law. However one of Israel’s most prominent tribes bears his name (Judah means PRAISE). God STILL CHOSE HIM despite his character flaws. Does he deserve that? (Genesis 38)


A man named Shechem, a prince of a neighboring land, sexually violated their sister Dinah, however he fell in love with her and asked if he could marry her. Of course her brothers were pissed off. But, they agreed to allow their sister to marry him if he and all the men of the land would be circumcised. He happily agreed. Three days after they were circumcised, Levi and Simeon went and killed all the men while they were in great pain from the ‘surgery’. Even in their anger, this was deception and murder. God STILL CHOSE THEM to be among the patriarch of His chosen people. Their crime did not disqualify them.


One day when Moses saw an Egyptian beating one of the children of Israel, he intervened, murdered him and then fled. God STILL CHOSE MOSES even though he committed this crime. Did he deserve to be chosen to deliver Israel from Egypt, lead them to the promised land, and present God’s law to them? Was God wrong? (Exodus 2)


Everyone knows the account of David and Bathsheba. How David saw her bathing and lusted after her, but it didn’t stop there. He abused his authority as king by summoning her, he slept with her and got her pregnant. To hide the pregnancy, he had Bathsheba’s husband Uriah, who was one of David’s mighty men of valor (very loyal to David), sent to the front lines of battle so that he would be killed. David then married Uriah’s wife. The prophet Nathan confronted David with his sin, and he sorrowfully repented. Their son Solomon, grew to inherit the throne and was the most wise man to ever live. God STILL CHOSE David in spite of this horrible sin. He is still considered to be a man after God’s own heart because of his repentance. Does he deserve that? (2 Samuel 11)


Saul was passionate about persecuting the church. He was greatly feared by the early Christians, but God still chose him to be an apostle to the Gentiles. He called himself the least of the apostles because of his past. But, God STILL CHOSE HIM while he was on his way to Damascus breathing THREATS AND MURDER against disciples of Christ. Did Saul/Paul deserve this honor and responsibility.

God has always used imperfect people to carry out His perfect will. God has proven that He has the sovereign right to chose who He wants.

We are not allowed to critique who and why God chooses. We don’t determine the narrative based on what we feel the ‘qualifications’ should be.

Now back to George Floyd. Millions of people around the world of all races have been united to fight for social justice for Black people. That thrills me. Especially when I wonder how many Pastors week after week, and year after year and never preach a sermon about social justice and civil rights to their congregations. Quite frankly, many of the same people who frown on George Floyd’s past find every reason in the world to excuse Donald Trump’s who not only has never been known for his character, integrity or faith, but was unrepentant when confronted with statements he made about grabbing women by the vagina, and bragging about pursuing married women.

Plus, most of the people chosen in the bible didn’t ‘apply for the job’. And, George Floyd never volunteered to be a martyr.

John 8:7  (NKJV)

So when they continued asking Him, He [a]raised Himself up and said to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.”

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  1. My friend, Aldtric,

    I have no problem seeing is death as a martyr. I have a few more problems with his life. Yet, his death demonstrates, once again the establishment’s idea of just one more dead black guy who was unimportant. They believe them and their families are important, but not him. As you already know, with Jesus, there is NO Jew, or male or female or free or unfree. It follows there ARE not black guys or white guys, only children of God born equally to his throne. I am sure with total certainty that what you are saying is the same as myself: we are shouting that his life and all lives are important to God, and thus should be to us the same. Keep fighting, my friend, yet unfortunately I know this problem will never go away as long as there are groups with power, and those with none. We can alleviate some of the problems so our efforts are not in vain, but the core of the problem deals with people who are more concerned about self than others. God bless you and your family. Tom

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  2. I don’t know if he is a martyr or a hero based on the dictionary definition but I know he is the face of a movement that seeks change for the better – his death has become the flash point for change. I don’t know what you call that but I do know he has changed a generation regardless of his past – that is how he will be remembered no matter how hard people try to pick him a part and his death is being used by God to warn us all of the sinful actions that still take place – both his past issues and his death can be true but only one will be a historical moment that brought on a historical movement – great post brother

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      1. I must admit I have the spiritual gift of judgementalism, not in the bible list but I use it far too often and it blinds me to the fact that God uses imperfect people or He uses no one, there are only 2 choices

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  3. I haven’t really thought of even asking that question but you make a good point. The parts of the funeral thAT i watched yesterday were touching. We can all learn more by listening than talking (Or yelling). The way I see things is that I already know what I think so if I am going to learn anything I need to listen to others. God bless..

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  4. We need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot so to speak. If we are part of the blood-bought body of Christ, we should act like brothers and sisters! Oh, I forgot; did you mention how brothers and sisters treated each other in the Bible? The accuser of the brethren loves it when we fight each other instead of embracing in love that comes from God. May this time be used by the Lord to bring His people together in truth and love so we can march on to the victory that awaits in Jesus!

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  5. What she doesn’t know is that George Floyd was a Christian man.

    I refused to believe the things that this lady and others were saying and stood up for my blood brother, Mr. Floyd, because he was being demonized. I even heard many say that it was a different George Floyd who had died in 2016. I wanted to believe that. I did research and couldn’t find anywhere the crimes of George Floyd except a meme from Indiagames which everyone said was a website that liked to stir up trouble. Well, the article above shows he had a criminal record and his payment for his crime of armed robbery. And his redemption. And his ministry.

    I hope that that part of his life will be a witness to our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ to everyone. I pray that Miss Owens comes to know Him as George Floyd did. And the officer who executed him. I know one day we will see him face to face. I don’t want to be ashamed to meet him because I believed slander about him.

    God bless you, brother Al! Praises be to our God and Savior! \o/

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