How many times have you heard someone say something like this, “In this day and time, you have to have…

A cell phone…

Internet access…

A vehicle…

A nice suit…


Indoor plumbing…


God has blessed many of us to live in an abundant society. If
we aren’t careful, we can begin to look at many of our luxuries as necessities.

The age of children
with smart devices is getting younger and younger because many parents say, “We
have to be able to get in touch with them”.

All across America people wake up in the morning and take
for granted the blessing of being able to do the first thing we have to do when
we all get up…use the bathroom.

Years ago, no one had indoor plumbing. Even the wealthy had
an ‘out house’. Then, with the innovation of indoor plumbing it was a blessing
for the…

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