We all get overwhelmed sometimes. But sometimes we can feel beyond
overwhelmed. Have you ever felt like giving up? Even if you didn’t feel like
killing yourself, have you ever felt like giving up on…

Your hopes and dreams,

Your relationship,

Your health.

Your future.

There are some days you feel so low that it takes all you can do
to get out of bed.

Sometimes your superpower isn’t superhuman strength or the ability to fly, but just summoning enough strength to get out of bed.

You struggle through every day without abusing drugs, alcohol, or being irresponsible with your body, but you can really understand why people do so to numb themselves to the pain of their struggle.

Sometimes your superpower isn’t battling villains, but battling…







Your past.

If this has ever been you, stop and give God some praise. If it’s never

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God bless you! I'm a husband, father and ordained Minister since 1996. I serve as an Associate Minister at Oak Spring Church Arlington TN, a suburb of Memphis. I'm a professional Copywriter for a Fortune 500 company, published Gospel songwriter and owner of an independent label, Al-Go-Rhythm Music. My main spiritual gift is Exhortation...I'm a natural encourager. I love the word of God and sharing it from a "Wow, I never thought of it like that before" perspective. There's so much fresh revelation in God's word that is just as relevant today as it was as it unfolded. I hope my daily devotionals enhance your walk with God, taking you beyond BLESSED to BLESSTIFIED.

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