No matter how successful, everyone falls into a rut sometimes. I’m talking about beyond the financial rut we can all fall into, but also physical, emotional, relational or especially SPIRITUAL.

Ruts along our journey have their place in our overall purpose. A well-placed rut, or ditch has a way of keeping us humble…

Yeah…let’s look at our ‘rut’ as a ditch. Have you ever fallen into a ditch?…a big ditch?

You could have:

Carelessly fallen into the ditch…

Been pushed or tricked into the ditch…

Or, the ground on which you were standing could have just collapsed.

Just been in the wrong place.

Either way…you fell and you’re in a ditch.

Sometimes if you fall into a big ditch, you can’t just climb out in the same place from which you’ve fallen.

Sometimes you have to walk for a while in that ditch until you can find the right place…

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