40 years ago today, January 11, 1978, my uncle LARRY HENRY JOHNSON was killed over a case of mistaken identity.

He just turned 24 years old the month before. He had recently moved back home to Lexington TN with his new wife a little over a year earlier to be near his mother because his father died about a year and a half before ( July 4, 1976) as a result of injuries from an automobile accident.

I was excited to have my uncle back in town. He got blamed for someone else’s foolishness and became the target of a jealous husband. Larry was innocent. He asked for help from the local police and they gave him none. They only told him to get a gun. As I think back, I remember him telling his mother (my grandmother) in the kitchen, “Momma, I don’t even know the woman.” He was very upset. At 9 years old I didn’t understand it at the time.

If you are caught up in some foolishness…please stop it now! It always affects someone else.

By the way, Larry managed to get to his truck, get his gun, and get one shot off. The jealous husband died too.  What a waste of life. Larry Henry Johnson. Husband of Jaqueline Gentry Johnson. Son of Charles H. Johnson, Dorothy M. Johnson, Brother of Diane Johnson, Charlene Johnson and Peggy Walker.

Aren’t you glad that Jesus died for our foolishness?


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