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wp-1476588667468.jpg REACH TOWARDS THE ‘SON’!

Proverbs 24:3 (NKJV)
“Through wisdom a house IS BUILT,
And by understanding it is established;”

One sign that a city is growing and vibrant are cranes in the sky…not birds, but machines that move heavy objects to erect new buildings reaching the SUN. A city without cranes may be stagnant in growth. It may be going down, or even just holding it’s own, but to be competitive, cities must grow.

Are than cranes in your spiritual life?

Are you moving heavy objects (burdens) in your life?

Are you reaching for the ‘SON’?

Are there clear signs of your growth?

What are the signs?

More passion for God, His word, His Kingdom and His fellowship. Fruit…good fruit is a sign of growth. Are you planting good seeds in good soil. Are people either coming to Christ or growing in their relationship with Christ because you?

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