Sometimes we can be more afraid of the challenges and responsibilities of success than the disappointments or shame of failure.

I’ve had a fear of flying. I used to fly as a child regularly, but not in my adult life. I told everyone that flying made me feel sick, but the fact was that I was afraid. I was more afraid of what might happen. That fear kept me from destinations and opportunities that were just a flight away.

When I think of the disciples in the boat, it reminds me of being nervous on a plane. There were no planes in biblical days, but the potentials for fear were the same. The boat represents opportunities on the other side, but in that day someone could have been afraid to sail because the threat of sinking. That fear then could be equal to the threat of a plane crashing today.

There are many opportunities that can be accessed much more efficiently by flying, but fear can keep one from those opportunities. FEAR FIGHTS YOUR FAITH, and your faith is the key to your future. What are your fears keeping you from?

Fear of new relationships?

Fear of being alone?

Fear of embarrassment?

Fear of going back to school?

Fear of relocating?

Fear of your past being exposed?

Fear of the unknown?



Think about how your fears have limited your life…

2 Timothy 1:7 (ESV)

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

Fear is a sure sign of lack of faith. I’m not speaking of a healthy respect that we are commanded to have for God, or respect of genuine threats to our safety. I’m speaking of timidity, and anxiety that results from lack of faith that God can provide for, protect and guide us when we are stepping out on faith in wisdom to fulfill His purpose. The enemy wants to intimidate you to the point of fear because he knows it fights your faith. The enemy knows the potential on your life. The enemy knows what God has placed inside of you. He wants your fear to prevent you from stepping out on faith to fulfill your purpose. Think about it. God promised that all things will work for YOUR good when you are called according to HIS purpose. Arm yourself with the word of God first thing every morning ((Ephesians 6:16) FUEL YOUR FAITH, SO YOU CAN QUENCH THE FIERY DARTS OF THE devil. So, when FEAR FIGHTS YOUR FAITH…YOUR FAITH WILL WIN.

Don’t let your fears keep your from the blessings, opportunities and destiny that awaits you at your destination.


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