It’s important to notice the behaviors and attitudes that led to Israel and Judah being exiled and apply those same behaviors and attitudes to modern-day parallels.

The people, including the national and religious leaders did not listen to Jeremiah or the other prophets as they warned about the impending loss of their freedom because of their sins.

But, which sins?

Notice how they rejected Jeremiah’s warnings because they said, “They had plenty of food and were well off” when they served idols as their fathers did (Jeremiah 44:16-17).

Many Americans don’t think of pride as a sin.

Many Americans can’t see how prioritizing the economy over God’s standards can become a stumbling block.

Too many people can’t see how refusing to reject the sins and practices of ‘our fathers’ can lead to God’s wrath.

The excerpts above are from Jeremiah 43 and 44. Please go back and read them in context with the entire chapter.

Idols aren’t just made of wood and stone. Sometimes we live in them. Sometimes we drive them. Sometimes our practices have turned into a subtle worship of our institutions.

Pride, arrogance and traditions will destroy America before anything else does.

We must repent.


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