I sometimes think about the fact that times I used to call boring I now call relaxing. We need to be careful when we get bored. Boredom is an emotion that can get us in trouble if we aren’t careful. When people get bored, that’s when the devil can get busy.

Remember what happened in 2 Samuel 11 when the kings went out to battle, David sent Joab his servant and all of Israel out to battle, but he stayed behind? One evening while he was ‘relaxing’ on the rooftop, he saw Bathsheba bathing. Her husband, Uriah, was very devoted and loyal to David and he was among those¬†in battle…and the rest is history. The point is that David was relaxing when he should have been doing battle. Now, there’s nothing wrong with relaxing, but there’s a time and a season for for all things (Ecclesiastes 3). There can be some truth to the old saying, “The idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. Boredom is an emotion that allows too much room in our minds for the enemy and temptation too much work.

Some people get bored too easily and need something going on or changing all the time. They hate routine!

Be careful when you get bored too easily with…
Free time
Your job
Your marriage
Your family
Your church
Going to church
Studying God’s word
Your blessings
Etc., Etc., Etc…
If we are honest with ourselves, some of our troubles have come from the fact that we got bored. Boredom has led to loss of marriages, families, jobs, homes, cars, credit, friendships etc, BUT…

1. Learn to be CONTENT and SATISFIED  in all situations. (Philippians 4:11-13)
2. Let your JOY and PEACE always be in the LORD. ( John14:27, Nehemiah 8:10)
3. If you’re bored, find ways to SERVE GOD BY SERVING OTHERS (Matthew 25:34-40).

There’s always someone who needs you. God gives us opportunities every day to serve Him by fulfilling the physical, emotional and especially spiritual needs of others. Being busy helping those in need as God commanded can be exciting, satisfying, and for thrill seekers, sometimes even dangerous (such as missionary work). There are those who are lonely, with no family who would love your companionship, especially elderly people. There’s plenty of real Kingdom business in our families, on our jobs, in politics, in our churches to cure our periods of boredom. The devil wants us to cure our boredom with foolishness and evil, but that only leads to more boredom and trouble.
There’s nothing wrong with relaxing, and good wholesome fun, but remember WHEN YOU GET BORED…GOD’S GOD A CURE.


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